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Philosophy: Love for Truffle

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We are a family run business, with experience in trufflefarming, passionate about the holm oaks cultivation, the truffle hunting and its manipulation. We carefully control all the elaboration stages of our products with the aim of delivering the truffle in its optimal maduration and conservation state to the consumer.

Plantation: El Olmo Farmhouse

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Located in a privileged place is our Farmhourse, El Olmo, in Manzanera (Teruel – Spain). It belongs to the Gudar Javalambre region, one of the truffle areas par excellence, not only in national wards but also internationally. Its geographic, climatic and geologic conditions convert this place in a optimal settlement for the truffle development, our precious black diamond, the Tuber melanosporum.

Commitment: “From the land, to the table”

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The caring proccess begins in our plantation, where we dedicate all our time and love to the holm oaks developing. Once the truffle has reached its maduration condition, our truffle hunting dogs, especially trained, help us in the searching for this delicacy that is hidden in the underground.

We follow rigorous quality controls which allow us to obtain a product with unique fragance and taste standards. Our truffles are carefully selected and afterwards, clasified attending to our clients’ preferences.


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We have a wide offer of products that we clasify as follows:


Fresh Truffle: during the season, we supply the main restaurants as well as other channels which includes retail sale.

Manufactured products: special sausage and cheese with truffle, truffled brandy… They allow you to enjoy the black truffle all year round.


We are pioneers in the use of truffle for cosmetic treatments. Thanks to its high content of minerals, vitamins and polyphenols, its application to the skin has effects: anti-aging, anti-oxidant, nourishing, natural botox, illuminator.


Kitchen utensils: which aid the truffle manipulation at home.

Field tools: because of our experience we can offer you tools that we have been able to test ourselves in our fields.


Perfect for a gift in a special ocasion, giving a special touch in every celebration.


You can buy all these products in our on-line shop:

Dicover La Trufa Negra: the only resort dedicated to this delicacy and TRUFFLE TOURISM

Are you passionate about the Truffle World?

Would you like to attend a demostration of “truffle hunting”?

We offer you the opportunity to enjoy a Truffle Tourism Experience. Also you can stay in the unique thematic Resort based on black truffle, Hotel & Apartments La Trufa Negra, in Mora de Rubielos (Teruel – Spain).

An outing into the country side where we will learn about its habitat and other interesting Truffle facts. After which, we will live a Truffle collecting experience with trained Truffle dogs, and last but not least, we will enjoy a Truffle highlighted meal at the Melanosporum Restaurant in La Trufa Negra Resort.

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