Main achievements




Main achievements and activities performed up to date


  • Promotion of the Truffle Farming in the province of Teruel, which has become the first Spanish province with regards to the amount of plantations and cultivated surface. This truffle sector was unknown to some people that are now introduced to an original ecologic farming that meets all favorable economic and environmental conditions.
  • Inclusion of the Truffle Farming in the Subsidy Lines approved by the Public Administrations.
  • Spread knowledge on the truffle sector. Since 2001, all members interested in broadening their knowledge about this sector have had the chance to travel to France with the purpose of knowing a truffle traditional market, check their doubts about the world of truffle in the library that the Association is establishing and get information on the boom of the truffle and the Association through the periodic reports produced in the Truffle Farming Office.
  • Promotion of the Black Truffle of Teruel in Spain and internationally
  • We highlight our participation in 2007 in the V International summit of Gastronomy “Madrid Fusión 2007” and in the “Qualimen” fair in Zaragoza.




ATRUTER participates with its own stand in other fairs and interesting events, such as FITRUF (Truffle International Fair, in Sarrión), the Teruel Mudejar-Taste Gastronomic Tourism Hall, The Craftwork and Food Fair of the Magistry, in Monroyo, and others.

  • Registration and Patent of the mark “Black Truffle of Teruel”
  • Undoubtedly, the registration of the collective mark “Black Truffle of Teruel” is the greatest achievement of this association and it conveys the beginning and the defense of a quality mark as it is the black truffle of Teruel.