Nutritional value of the truffle and gastronomic properties

As it is consumed in small amounts, its nutritional value is a secondary issue. This is a low calorie food, with just 30 calories per 100gr (according to data from the Spanish Nutrition Foundation), very digestive and famous for its aphrodisiac powers.


Useful tips for conservation

The best way to enjoy the excellence of the black truffle of Teruel, tuber melanosporum Vitt., and its unparalleled and unmistakable smell and flavor is to consume it fresh. This means up to 10 days after it has been harvested, which is the period when the black truffle of Teruel is in its fullness. However, there should be taken into account several considerations when it is to keep all its excellence. In this section you will find some advice.


The black truffle of Teruel and its magic in the kitchen

The black truffle of Teruel is a delicatessen produce that turns any simple recipe into an exquisite delicacy that your family, friends and clients will never forget.


Teruel cuisine: cooking with truffles

In this section we provide you with a series of recipes with our star ingredient: the Black truffle of Teruel. We encourage all visitors to our page to let us know about their culinary experience with the truffle of Teruel.