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Useful tips for conservations

Fresh black truffle of Teruel, the best delicacy

The best way to enjoy the excellence of the black truffle of Teruel, tuber melanosporum Vitt., and its unparalleled and unmistakable smell and flavor is to consume it fresh. This means up to 10 days after it has been harvested. The black truffle of Teruel is in its fullness during this period.



To preserve the truffle fresh it is necessary to bear in mind the following tips:

  • Store the truffle clean. Remove the soil adhered to it. To do so we recommend to use cold water and a small brush. Dry after with paper towel.
  • Store it in a place between 2 y 5 °C. If possible, in the lower part of fridges that do not dry up too much.
  • We do not recommend leaving them in the open as there is risk of oxidation, with the subsequent loss of scent.
  • Do not store the truffle in an airtight container, since it must breathe. You may use, for instance, a container covered with plastic film. You may put paper towel in the bottom of the container.
  • Another way to store it in the fridge could be to use a porous container, such as basketware or earthen vessels, covered with a damp cloth.


Another way of preserving the truffles is freezing them separately with the purpose of consuming them throughout the year. If you are to use a frozen truffle, you won’t need to defrost it but just grate it over the foods you are cooking. This way, in case you do not use the whole of it, you can still keep it in the freezer. We advise you to wrap the truffles with aluminum foil before putting them in any of those special bags for freezing found in the market.



Buy fresh truffles in season and enjoy them the whole year!