About us






Origin of Atruter

In this space we invite you to know the origin and characteristics of our association, making a small reference to the history of the Truffle in the province of Teruel.




From ATRUTER we invite to associate to all the actors of the sector of the truficultura in Teruel.



Social Organs

Description of the bodies that make up the ATRUTER Association, the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.



Registered office

ASSOCIATION OF TRUFICULTORES DE TERUEL – Calle Molino, 8, 2nd floor. 44460 Sarrion (Teruel) – Spain Landline and mobile phone: (+34)978781069 • (+34)648 909 241. E- mail: : asociaciondetruficultores@gmail.com



National Federation

ATRUTER is part of the Spanish Federation of Trucking Associations (FETT), of which it is a founding member.



Mission and objetives

Purposes and objectives according to the Statutes of the Association of Truficultores de Teruel, constituted as such non-profit.



Main achievements

Main achievements and activities developed to date by the Association of Truficultores de Teruel.




Highlight the “Award for Best Gastronomic Work” awarded by the Aragonese Academy of Gastronomy in 2004.