The black truffle of Teruel


The black truffle of Teruel and its magic in the kitchen

The black truffle of Teruel is a delicatessen produce that turns any simple recipe into an exquisite delicacy unforgettable for your family, friends and clients. This delicacy is treasured by the most demanding gurus of the national and international cuisine, by lovers of good gastronomic dishes and by followers of the so-called slo- food. For further information about this phenomenon, with certain relevance in Spain as opposed to the American fast-food style, visit


La trufa de teruel


The Black truffle of Teruel, with its peculiar smell and taste full with strong personality, should not mix with other kinds of food that mask their characteristics (for instance garlic or vinegar). In case you use a black truffle to prepare hot and thorough dishes, it should be added at the end as it does not require much cooking. The Black truffle of Teruel goes well with red meat, all kinds of game, pasta, rice, eggs…


Its magic touch adds unparalleled quality to multiple culinary creations.

Try the Black truffle of Teruel and retain forever its smell and flavor


Used in the most simple recipes, as for example fried eggs with truffle; combined with the typical Mediterranean food, as it could be a toast drizzled with olive oil and with some truffle sheets over it, or as an ingredient in thorough dishes of today’s creative cuisine, the Black truffle of Teruel wraps food up in its magic and turns such dishes into an unforgettable experience.