National Federation


National Federation and International Work Teams

ATRUTER is a founding member of the Spanish Federation of Truffle Farming Associations (FETT, acronym for Federación Española de Asociaciones de Truficultores), which is made up of the most relevant provincial associations in terms of truffle production.




The mentioned Federation is, in turn, a founding member of the European Group of the Truffle and Truffle Farming (GETT, standing for Grupo Europeo de la Trufa y de la Truficultura, or also known as Grupo Europeo Tuber) together with the French and Italian Federations, as well as the IRDRET or Network European Institute for the Development and Investigation of the Truffle (Instituto Europeo en Red de Desarrollo e Investigación de la Trufa). Both institutions constitute a framework for interchanges, reciprocal information and meeting point for truffle farmers and harvesters of the European Union.