Hnos. Salvador Redón

C/ Aragón, 9  •  44460 Sarrión • Teruel, ESPAÑA
TF. + 34 620 888 034 (Eugenio)  • + 34 630 935  946 (Eladio)


Viveros y Truficultura “Hnos. Salvador Redón” offer:

We have more than forty years experience in the truffle world and we offer our services that encompass the whole truffle production process.


“Hermanos Salvador Redón” have:


Vivero pqñoA NURSERY: therefore we control the production and sales of our own saplings. We use two types of oak trees that are resistant and perfectly adapted to our climate and our soil. .



Truficultores pqñTRUFFLE CROPS. Decades ago we started farming our own plantations, harvesting the truffle in the traditional way.





vendedores pqñDIRECT SALES. We work directly with the client, no middlemen, which guarantees that the truffle you buy is first quality.