Social Authorities




Social Authorities

The supreme authority of the Association is the General Assembly, made up of all members, who approve their agreements by majority vote. They meet once a year with ordinary character to approve the Annual Accounts, Budgets and Activity Reports. They also meet with extraordinary character to take account of issues that require a qualified majority, forecasted in the Regulating Statutes of the Association.



Órganos sociales



ATRUTER also counts on the presence of a Management Committee, made up of a President, a Secretary, two Treasurer board members and four Board members that meet at least twice a month all year long.

This Management Committee has the power to:

  • Manage the normal government and administration agreements of the Association.
  • Organize the activities planned by the Association.
  • Formalize the Annual Budget and Activities Report and Plan
  • To convene extraordinary sessions of the General Assembly in order to solve particular issues, by proposal of at least 10% of the Association members.