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Truffles are hypogeous fungi of the Ascomycota division, Tuberales order, Tuberaceae family and Tuber genus.



The best way to enjoy the excellence of the black truffle of Teruel, tuber melanosporum Vitt., and its unparalleled and unmistakable smell and flavor is to consume it fresh.


The fresh truffle markets par excellence are held in several locations of Teruel following a calendar based on the harvesting period of the truffles.

What is a truffle?

The black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) is a fungi needs to join to the thinnest roots of certain superior plants such as holm oaks, oaks, kermes oaks… without which they are unable to live naturally. This association is called symbiosis and the union between the root and hyphae of the fungus is called mycorrhize, a word that etymologically comes from the Greek words “mycos” (fungus) and “rrhiza” (root).

What makes the black truffle of Teruel special?

There is no doubt that the black truffle of Teruel ows its exceptional quality to the characteristics of our land. The main elements that favour the growth of the truffle are:

  • The soil: arid and chalky soil, with a relatively high stone content.
  • The climate: with short and cool summers, common snowfalls in winter and strong winds. Our climate is mostly influenced by the altitude, the topography and the proximity of the Mediterranean sea, so it can be defined as mediterranean mountain climate.
Mission and objectives of our Association

Teruel Truffle Farmers Association, established as a nonprofit corporation, pursues the following purposes, complying with its Statutes:

1.- Represent the truffle harvesters and farmers of the province of Teruel before the several Public Administrations, in the management of actions, grants and subsidies destined to the development of the truffle sector in the province and to the regulation of the truffle harvesting.

2.- Promote actions intended to the development and improvement of truffle farming in the province of Teruel.

3.- Watch over the interests of truffle harvesters and farmers of Teruel, performing as their representative in the different procedures related with truffle farming.

How to become a member

Should you be interested in becoming a member of ATRUTER, please address the Association in Sarrión via telephone, fax, e-mail, mail or personally. In the Truffle Farmers Office you will be informed on the necessary procedures to make your application formal. Our contact details are:

Calle Molino, 8, 2nd floor. CP. 44460. Sarrión, Teruel.
Landline and mobile phone: (+34)978 781 069/ (+34)648 909 241
Office hours: Tuesday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. and Wednesday and Thursday  miércoles y jueves from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. and from 3 p.m until 7 p.m.

Presentación de los resultados sobre la Truficultura dentro de Plan Específico para Teruel.

Presentación de los resultados finales del Plan Teruel para la Truficultura. La mesa redonda fue dirigida por el Dr. Juan José Barriuso, Director del Proyecto, que estaba acompañado por la Dra. Ángeles Alonso De Blas, responsable del proyecto y Jefa de Área de la Subdirección General de Prospectiva y Coordinación de Programas del INIA, como también de los distintos responsables de cada uno de los subproyectos.

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El próximo dia 9 de Noviembre, a las 11:30 horas se celebrará una mesa redonda para la presentacion de los resultados finales del Plan Teruel para la Trufa. Ser coordinada por el Director del Proyecto el Doctor Juan José Barriuso.

El lugar de la celebración del acto, SUBDELECACIÓN DEL GOBIERNO EN TERUEL.

Rogamos la asistencia de todos los asociados y que nos confirmen su asistencia a la Asociación por cualquier medio disponible.

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