Teruel cuisine


Teruel cuisine: cooking with truffles

From ATRUTER we want to highlight the work of the Women Association of Sarrión (Teruel) for their creative and compiler activities that have been indispensable to publish the book “Cocinar con Trufa” (“Cooking with truffles”, 3rd edition updated and expanded in spring-summer 2005) that we strongly recommend to know the most typical recipes of our food using the Black truffle of Teruel. This book is available from ATRUTER.


Cocina de la trufa negra de Teruel


We encourage our visitors to let us know about their culinary experience with the Black truffle of Teruel. Suggestions are welcome by any means, besides we will gather them up in our archive to publish them with your permission in our bulletins or in future books on cooking with truffles. Sharing good experience and ideas acts as a connection between truffle lovers.


Toast drizzled with olive oil and truffle sheets

Cocina de la trufa negra de Teruel


Ingredients: 1 Black Truffle of Teruel. Salt. Virgin olive oil. Baguette bread. Directions:

  1. With the aid of a slicer or a sharp knife, slice the black truffle of Teruel in very thin sheets. Put them on a soup plate, add salt and leave there for an hour to release the truffle juice.
  2. Add the virgin olive oil to the truffle sheets with the purpose of impregnating the oil with their flavor. Macerate for 24 hours.
  3. One macerated, cut the baguettes into small slices and toast them. After that, put the truffle sheets and olive oil on the toasts using a spoon.
  4. Before serving, add a little sea salt in order to enhance the flavor of the truffle.

Truffle Sponge Cake

Link to the recipe in Spanish: http://sicania.lasprovincias.es/recetas/bizcocho-capuchino-trufado

Rabbit Cutlets with Black truffle of Teruel

Link to the recipe in Spanish: http://sicania.lasprovincias.es/recetas/chuletitas-conejo-trufa-negra-teruel


Creamy rice with game, mushrooms and Tuber melanosporum

Link to the recipe in Spanish: http://sicania.lasprovincias.es/recetas/arroz-meloso-caza-setas-tuber-melanosporum

Pumpkin with truffle orange

Link to the recipe in Spanish: http://sicania.lasprovincias.es/recetas/calabaza-naranja-trufada

Ox entrecôte with truffle sauce

Link to the recipe in Spanish: http://sicania.lasprovincias.es/recetas/entrecot-buey-salsa-trufas

Cod Pil- Pil with Black Truffle of Teruel

Link to the recipe in Spanish: http://sicania.lasprovincias.es/recetas/bacalao-al-pil-pil-trufa-negra-teruel